Fr. John Jasica


Eight questions with Fr. John Jasica


  • If I could live anywhere, I would live…
    In Rome – the food is great and I can be close to my friend Pope Francis!
  • If I could learn any language fluently I would learn…
    Italian – so I can chat while in Rome and of course order some great food!
  • My favourite thing to do in the winter is…
    Watch the Boston Bruins win the Stanley Cup
  • Team BlackBerry, iPhone or Android?
    iPhone all the way!
  • If I could hang-out with any saint, it would be…
    St. John Paul II, the inspiration for my priestly vocation
  • My secret talent is…
    I’m a champ at NHL14 on the PlayStation 3
  • My confirmation name is…
    St. Maximilan Kolbe
  • At St. George’s Parish, I’m responsible for…
    Working with an amazing staff serving the people of St. George bringing them closer to Christ.

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