Keeping Jesus Alive – Fr. John Jasica

THE NEXT 50 DAYS - KEEPING JESUS ALIVE!!! Now that we are in the Easter season and have celebrated the resurrection—how can we stop from forgetting that Easter is 50 days of celebration and not just one day? TRAINING IS OVER Jesus is risen!!! Alleluia!! We rejoice...

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Stories Along a Spiritual Journey

Stories Along a Spiritual Journey These are 2 stories as people reflect on their journey through EMMAUS ROAD - our RCIA program Anna Lam... 8 Year’s ago, I was so thankful to God for giving us our first child. We were very excited and happy to start our new journey....

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Lent: 5 Ways to Boost our Faith

By Fr. John Jasica “Faith is this: to touch Jesus and to draw from him the grace which saves...” (Pope Francis Sunday Angelus June 28, 2015) What does faith do for us? Why do we come to Mass or celebrate as a community of faith? Our lives are so busy, so full of good...

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By Marjorie Braatz “My Soul magnifies the Lord, and my spirit rejoices in God my Saviour...” (Lk 1:46). Never have I lived out these words more faithfully than when I led a small group of women in a retreat ‘33 Days to Morning Glory’ culminating in a consecration to...

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