FIATFEST 2018 – Part 2

FIATFEST 2018 ***PART TWO*** By Roberta Gibson - Coordinator of FIAT (This is a continuation from the last edition of the Shield describing FIATFEST with 200 young people involved with FIAT) Faith in Action Team members were able to participate in one of two...

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FIATFEST 2018 – Part 1

FIATFEST 2018 ***PART ONE*** By Roberta Gibson - Coordinator of FIAT On April 19th more than 200 Faith in Action Team members from 12 different schools from the London District Catholic School Board and 2 schools from the Huron Perth Catholic District School Board...

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The Spirit Transforms Us!!

THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT By: Fr. John Jasica This weekend we celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation for 85 amazing young people and their families. This is a celebration for them but also the parish. It is good to be in the vicinity of the Spirit!! THE...

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