Parish Ministries & Groups

Rooted in Christ, we are called as servant leaders to build a thriving and inclusive parish family, reaching out with compassion and love to all, bearing witness to the Good News.

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Liturgical Ministries

Liturgical ministries are key components in how we as a parish community celebrate our faith together. Those who fulfill these ministries allow the parish to truly celebrate the sacraments, especially the Eucharist drawing ourselves closer to God and to one another.


Community & Social Ministry

One of the key components of a strong and thriving parish community is the gift of gathering as family. The parish community has many different social events and ministries that make the parish itself a community centre in which we encounter the Lord through each other. This takes place when we pray but also when we have fun together.


Parish Leadership

The parish community needs strong lay leadership to maintain and sustain the vision and mission of the Gospel. The main parish leadership bodies guide parishioners on how the Good News of the Gospel is practically lived out on a personal and communal level.


Groups & Organizations

There are many different Catholic organizations that live out the Gospel through their own ministry but also working hand in hand with the parish community serving the needs of all.


Youth Ministry

Youth ministry is extremely important for the parish community since it draws our young people closer to Christ.


Parish Services

There are many different opportunities to serve the parish community rooted in the many different talents and abilities of our faith-filled parishioners. These services help in sharing and serving the needs of one another.