(1) Lectio & Meditatio (reading and meditation)

Read the scripture passage below.  In reading and meditating on Sacred Scripture, we begin to ascend the ladder of LECTIO DIVINA as we open our hearts and minds to hear and understand God’s words to us.  We need to do this in silence and individually.

What to do?

(a) Read (individually) the scripture passage
(b) Find the passage, phrase or verse that especially touches you
(c) Take notes about why you chose that passage, phrase or verse

(2) Oratio (pray – conversation with God)

In this step, we experience how to make the most of our oratio and enjoy the fruits of an intimate conversation with our Lord.  This includes speaking to God and listening to God with our hearts.

What to do?

(a) Write a prayer or simply think of a petition, thanksgiving or praise you are inspired to say to God as a result of what you have discovered from the scripture reading
(b) Take your time to be silent during this conversation with God and be patient to listen, God will wait until our hearts are attuned to his voice
(c) Do this more than once—repeat this process of LECTIO DIVINA over again for a few prayer sessions allowing all of this to soak into our souls

(3) Contemplatio (contemplate)

The desire of the Christian heart is to see God.  In contempatio, we rest at the pinnacle of the ladder of prayer, gazing upon God in love.  This contemplation includes silence, an elimination of distractions and a surrendering of the soul to prayer.  It takes time to develop this skill.

What to do?

(a) Take notes or think about a reality in your life—an event, situation, a relationship with someone, a reality you are recently facing
(b) Try to find a connection between the scripture reading and that reality
(c) Try to find a conclusion about what the scripture is directing you to do

(4) Resolutio (resolution)

At the end of lectio divina, we take the step of resolutio and resolve to live out God’s love as we put our prayer into action.  Our prayer, reflection, conversation and connection with God and His Living Word, transfers into our daily life and helps us along the road to heaven.

What to do?

(a) Take notes about what you can do to resolve or take away with you from your time of prayer
(b) See if there is an opportunity to make a choice based on the conclusions you arrived at during your lectio divina prayer
(c) Create a plan of steps in order to follow the path you discovered from God via this time of prayer
(d) As a conclusion, offer a thanksgiving prayer to God for the graces and blessings received during lectio divina


Reading: Luke 2: 39-40

 When they had finished everything required by the law of the Lord, they returned to Galilee, to their own town of Nazareth.  The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom; and the favor of God was upon him