Margaret still working hard on her last day.

Margaret has been the secretary at St. George Parish for nearly 25 years.  She has seen the parish grow from 350 families to over 2400!!  Margaret was here during the transition from the old church to our present one and the growth of so many different ministries and programs.  The people have been at the heart of her ministry and service.  Margaret has worked with 4 different pastors and countless staff members over the years.  We will miss her so much!!!



Find out about the amazing ministry and life changing work members of the St. Vincent de Paul Society at St. George Parish do every day.  Fr. John interviews the SVDP Chair Brian Sinisac and SVDP volunteer Joan Ives.  Listen to their joy, faith and love that the give but even more — receive from those they serve!!



Come and listen to the amazing story of Marjorie Braatz, long time parishioner, former youth coordinator, high school chaplain and now spiritual director. Her story involves great trust in the Lord who has always guided her!! Enjoy this wonderful episode!

Join Fr. John as he chats with Linda Murphy, Steve Cashen and Mary Catherine Bishop about the amazing and moving Christmas Hamper program at St. George Parish. This outreach ministry at Christmas brings together countless volunteers celebrating the true meaning of the season.

In this episode we chat Fr. Pedro, Angie Mandich (volunteer) and MacKenzie Mercer (high school student) who travelled to the awesome youth ministry conference in Toronto called Steubenville!!  They share their experiences and how God blessed each of them and the over two thousand youth who annually attend this gathering.  Learn about some of the amazing youth ministry taking place in our parish!!

In this episode we chat with an amazing faith-filled parishioner who always sees God’s grace in life.  Mike is a wonderful man of faith with an amazing family. He recently faced a life and death situation in which he discovered the depth of his faith. Hear how he has continued to journey trusting in the Lord and living out his faith at St. George Parish.

In this episode of FAITH & WORKS we chat with Betty LaRochelle. She leads ministry at Westmount Gardens and the Prayer Line at St. George Parish. Her amazing service comes from her faithfulness and trust in Jesus. Hear her story and how she is a witness and servant of the Good News right here at St. George!! What an inspiration!!

In this second episode of “FAITH & WORKS”, Fr. John chats with Deacon Dennis Rivest, permanent deacon at St. George Parish about his ministry and a special mission trip he was blessed to be on to northern Canada.  Find out the amazing baptisms that he celebrated that changed his life!!

In this first episode of “FAITH & WORKS”, Fr. John chats with Mary Catherine Bishop, pastoral minister at St. George Parish about sponsoring the Al-Rahmoun family from Syria.  What a great gift and experience it has been to share life and joy with those seeking a new start!!